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Collector Set A + B Battle Tails Pin
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  • Collector Set A + B Battle Tails Pin

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    Whats better than three battle tails pins?  All six Battle Tails pins!  Get the collector set A + B!

    *From Clan Ten Thousand Winds the all-mighty archers can hit any target with their amazing precision.

    *Monkey pin featuring his own hat

    *The Clan Six Tails Hero Shirokuri in style on a pin that you can put anywhere.  Colors on a gold-colored backing!  The Lightning Incarnate.

    *A pin of the Hero of the Clan Ten Thousand Winds- - Felinious!  This Battle Tails flame thrower may look cute, but he is actually pretty malicious.

    *From the Boso Ichiban Clan we present a Yamahonda Pin!  Show off your love for Big Boy with this gold backed pin.

    *From Clan Six Tails these Tails Pilots can fly high-above anyone else with their amazing contraptions.

    - 1.5" Tall

    - Butterfly Clasp Backing

    - Officially licensed product