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Kitan Club PUTITTO Series Pugs Blind Box (counter case)
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  • Kitan Club PUTITTO Series Pugs Blind Box (counter case)

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    These cute little pugs are ready to hang out on the rim of your favorite beverage or lounge around your desktop. There are 8 different designs - each one more pugnaciously cuter than the next. Buying this counter case of 12 blind boxes is  guaranteed to contain a full set plus a few extras to share with your friends.
    (If you like surprises - you can buy a handful of single blind boxes )
    Japanese Consumers are known for their nearly insatiable appetite for tiny toys dispensed in Gacha Gacha machines.Competition is fierce. Tastes are fickle. For over ten years, capsule toy innovators Kitan Club have been knocking it out of the park with their creative releases. From pushing the envelope on the quality level of paint applications possible on mass-produced small plastic toys, to working with Japan’s top creators and properties while constantly coming up with innovative and original concepts, their products are always top notch! 
    Kitan Club's new PUTITTO SERIES builds on the successes of their hyper-realistic Technicolor Nature series and mega-popular “Fuchico on the Cup” series, extending the “rim of the cup” playing field to make room for ever more excitingly tiny and cute gacha figures. From beloved characters like Pikachu to amazingly lifelike Pugs and Hamsters - your cup will be overflowing with cuteness.
    - Each pug is approximately 1 & 1/4 inches of compact cuteness!
    - Made from PVC plastic 
    - Made in China
    - Imported from Japan
    - (c) Kitan Club