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Welcome to CORE1!

About CORE1

CORE1 is made of a small team of geeks passionate about games, toys & technology and crazy about making the best possible experience for everyone. We are dedicated to making great gear for cool games.

Please check out our PowerCore Collector App where you can activate our products into cool stickers!
We will soon be launching the PowerCore Activation Platform that will connect the gear you buy with the games you love with exclusive digital rewards. Subscribe to the CORE1 newsletter to get the latest news and information about discounts.

How can I reach you?

You can email us at with any questions about our shop and products!  We are standing by to help in anyway we can.

If you have business inquiries - please contact us at

Where are you located?

The CORE1 US office is located in sunny Palo Alto, California:

+1 650 843 9822

905 Oakes St.,

East Palo Alto, CA 94303

We also have a top-secret research facility in Tokyo, Japan.

Please check us out of any of our social media sites

PowerCore Facebook   PowerCore Twitter   PowerCore Instagram   PowerCore Youtube   PowerCore Google +


Email us at any time!